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      Company Profile


      Dalian Sheng Yun Plastics Co., Ltd. is located in Jinzhou District Yongzheng Street Hongta village, it covers an area of 4100 square meters, the registered capital of 10 million yuan, 25 million yuan in output value.
      The company has more than domestic advanced blown film machines, injection molding machines, bag machines, mainly manufacture all kinds of PE. . . . . .    [MORE]

      Our Product

      Our advantage

      The company was Dalian Mabuchi Motor Co., Ltd., a large number of international Canon Dalian office equipment, medical Toshiba Dalian Co., TOTO Dalian Co., Ltd. and other domestic

      Known enterprises to establish a cooperative relationship for many years awarded "the contract and keeping promises" is the business sector. And in May 2003 through IS0900l national quality system certification.

      Company under the current international and domestic market plastic packaging needs, after careful investigation and analysis, the introduction of a set of the most advanced computer-controlled,

      PC printing operation, composite, slitting, bag flexible packaging production equipment. Low production cost, high production efficiency,

      Easy to store, transport, preservation and good, long time, etc.


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